My name is Adrian Hawkins. I got into photography back in 2015 and it quickly became a passion. I'm a Georgia native by ways of South Carolina and proud US ARMY veteran.
I got started with photography on an impulse back in 2015. It has become something near and dear to me, capturing life's memories over the years. To get a better understanding of photography, I've taken quite a few classes at Montgomery College and a few courses online relating to digital arts.
I was born in South Carolina, spent time overseas as an ARMY "brat", but I call Georgia HOME. I spent most of my life in Augusta, GA (1999-2011), joined the ARMY in 2011 and stationed on Ft. Detrick, MD.
I spent 4 years in Uncle Sam's ARMY as a 25 S; Satellite Operator/Maintainer. I have a love/hate relationship with the ideals of the military. I joined to follow in my father's footsteps as well as honor the family tradition (everyone is or has served). I was promoted to Rank Civilian in January 2015 and walked of Ft. Detrick with my DD-214 with a smile.
I am husband to my beautiful wife of 6 years, MI'kea (on the left), and father of 2 beautiful children, Adrian Jr and Mia.